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Custom advantages

  • Professional Technology
    With many years of experience in hardware custom development, they have a professional R&D design team and their own manufacturing factory.
  • Strong Targeting
    Analyze the requirements of different users, structure and design the system functions, and consider the subsequent system expansion and maintenance.
  • Attentive Service
    Customers can receive comprehensive and timely responses to any questions they may have during the customization process or after the completion of equipment.
  • Reasonable Fees
    The short design and development cycle, along with the customization process and the final effect, ensures that the customer's expenses are justified.
  • Excellent Quality
    Customized hardware adheres to uniform standards and specifications, resulting in devices with good stability and low error rates.
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Custom processes

1. Customer submits tag requirements or provides reference samples for tags.
2. Evaluate the customer's requirements, determine the feasibility, and give replies.
3. Both parties negotiate to determine a customized requirements table.
4. Both parties sign a custom development contract.
5. Customer pre-pays the development fees.

6. Design and develop tags according to the requirements confirmed by both parties.
7. After the functional test of the equipment sample is completed and meets the requirements, submit the sample to the customer for confirmation.
8. Acceptance will be carried out after the customer confirms that there is no problem.


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